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Singleness: Travelling light or overburdened?

1 in 3 adults in the UK are now single. That’s one person for every married or cohabiting couple.

At this year’s Greenbelt festival, we will be exploring the question of whether singleness offers a life of freedom and independence, or whether it can bring challenges which are overlooked by the church and society.


10 dos and don’ts for men at singles events

As I entered the singles party, I felt that familiar spark of hope that tonight might be the night I’d meet Mr Right. But as I looked around, my heart sank a little. You know the phrase ‘a face like an unmade bed’? Well, this was like walking into a ward of unmade beds. A row of scruffy, paunchy, dejected-looking men gazed back at me with dull eyes. ‘Looks aren’t everything,’ I thought. ‘But seriously, gentlemen, if you’re looking for a wife, it wouldn’t hurt to run an iron over your shirt and drag a comb through your hair.’


Single Christians: Life, Love & the Church

Over 100 people travelled to Bedford to share their experiences and stories of being single in church and their dreams for the future. The stories varied from the positive, to the heartbreaking and the humorous. But there was an underlying sense of determination that single Christians can be empowered to affect a change in Church culture.


Christian Connection at Greenbelt 2013

Christian Connection has a special connection with Greenbelt. We launched ourselves on an unsuspecting world at Greenbelt in 2000 and some of our earliest couples met via CC shortly afterwards. It has also been a great way to reach and connect with CC members. For about 5 years we ran some huge speed dating events with upwards of 500 people. Many found friendships and marriage but it was also very hard work. Since Greenbelt called time on speed dating, we have organised a number of more casual events either on the official programme or more commonly just inviting members and their friends to get together.


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