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No one is single at Christmas

Christmas. Advent. Yuletide. You’re here again. Neighbours have safely scurried down from their ladders. Houses are lit. Trees are lit. Nativity scenes are set up. Choir concerts. Ugly jumper parties. Holly and ivy. Red and green ribbons. Frazzled shoppers have exhaled a sigh of relief as they finally pull out of the mall traffic. H Samuel, Goldsmiths, Ernest Jones and your local jeweller have purchased their ad space—much to the chagrin of singles everywhere. Christmas marketing and hype—not to mention a few ill-timed but well-meaning lines turned jabs from church-goers, friends or family about being single during the holidays, and you’ve got me wanting to run for white-chocolate peppermint bark.


The micro-level needs of singles

I have been praying on a fairly regular basis (for a while) for God to answer my prayer for a husband. And so far, to date, that hasn’t happened yet.

I’m in my late twenties. So, it hasn’t been an eternity, but I frequently am tempted—especially when I’m carrying something heavy or reaching over my head for the top shelf in the kitchen—to either steal a child’s magic eight ball or ask Siri, “When is God going to answer my prayer? Can’t He see that I need a husband? Doesn’t God say He meets needs?”


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