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Have I missed out?

After a recent talk I did on dating, a woman in her mid 20s asked to speak with me. She explained that she had dated someone before for a long time and thought they would eventually get married. She then said:

‘He was great, but the enjoyment had been missing for a while, so we ended it. Have I lost ‘the One’?’


When God doesn’t meet your expectations

What happens when God doesn’t meet your relationship expectations?

If you’ve been single for any amount of time, then you’ve probably had to face this question before. When we were younger, many of us bought into the belief that God had a special person predestined for us, and we would inevitably meet them and fall in love by a certain age. But by now, many of us have come to realize that that’s not always how it happens.


How to fulfil your destiny

‘What do you do?’ doesn’t always fit well in Christian life. At any given time at least 47 per cent* of faithful souls will be – excuse me while I slip into basic Christianese – ‘in a season of transition’. We might be waiting on God / for breakthrough / tables while we wait for both God and breakthrough, and a simple answer can be elusive.


Why attraction matters (and you’re not shallow to want it)

‘I’m dating a nice Christian guy who I like and respect,’ said the email (so far, so good – however, I hear a ‘but’ coming). ‘But…’ (there it is!) ‘I’m not physically attracted to him. I know there are more important things in a relationship, but shouldn’t there be some spark? Or as a Christian, does God expect me to be less shallow?’


When you’re stood up

I sat there and waited. And I waited, and waited.

I had made a coffee date for Saturday afternoon at 2:30 and arrived about 2:20 pm. I sent her a text saying I was there about five minutes before our meet time. No reply. Around 2:45, I sent another note asking if she was close. No reply.


Have we forgotten how to enjoy dating?

‘I’ve never laughed so hard. I’m not saying everything has been easy, but it’s going so well’. This is what a friend said to me recently about his new relationship. They’ve been dating for about six months now, and he seemed almost embarrassed by the fact he was enjoying himself.


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