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When a date disappoints

Sometimes you’re just disappointed in a date. You’ve showed up, made an effort to look your best, thought of good conversation topics, but the night just won’t flow. Nothing happens. You’ve felt it from the start maybe. She didn’t look the way you expected her to look, he wasn’t as open as you’d hoped he’d be. You just didn’t feel ‘it’. But you try to make the most of it anyhow, and it is what it is and you leave and say goodnight, that was fun, thank you, I’ll call you (whether or not you intend to), and you go home feeling… empty. A bit numb. Like it wasn’t what it should have been.


Can I adopt a child… alone?

‘This Christmas was a tough one for me,’ confided a friend. ‘Over the festive period, I was surrounded by nephews and nieces and my friends’ kids. I love spending time with them, but it reminded me just how much I’m missing out. I feel that God put a deep longing in me to be a parent, but I’m 39 now – what if I don’t meet someone in time? Can a single person adopt on their own – and is it fair on the children?’


Mountainside chats with God

I met up with a friend tonight. Mostly because another minute home alone was going to do me in. Sometimes my thoughts are too loud and my bedroom walls amplify them, as if that’s possible. That’s what happens when you overthink and re-evaluate every decision you’ve made….well, since you started making your own decisions.


Jesus, single like me

Growing up, I had a reputation for being very independent. Because my birth father was rarely at home, it felt like I was raised by a single mother. Often she would rely on me to help her take care of my younger siblings. From changing diapers to helping with dinner to babysitting, I took on a lot of responsibility. This responsibility led to a sense of independence. This independence led to extreme loneliness at times.


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Give up the ghost

‘I can’t believe it, HopefulGirl – I’ve been ghosted!’ said the Facebook message. ‘I’d been on six dates with this guy after meeting online. We were getting on well, we’d shared a few kisses, and it was all looking positive. Then, three weeks ago, he just… disappeared. He stopped getting in touch and didn’t answer emails and texts. I was worried something might have happened to him so I called a couple of times, but there was no response. Now I can see he’s active on the dating website again. I can’t believe he’d scarper without a word. Surely I deserve the courtesy of a goodbye… don’t I?’


What women want…

You know that movie with the same title; the one where Mel Gibson plays the role of a man that gets electrocuted and somehow gains the ability to read women’s minds? Well, that’s not what this is about. But wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if men actually knew what women want?


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